Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jock Sniffing In The News

Maureen "MolDold" Dowd has a painfully painful column comparing the Washington D.C. Football Club's quarterback Robert Griffin to President Obama.

Spoiler Alert: Obama compares unfavorably to Griffin.

The column also features cameos by Extenze pitchman Jimmy Johnson, Tiger Woods, Joe Paterno and an (uncredited) Joe Lieberman, who is quoted as saying:
As a Democratic senator recently told me: “If only the president would have us over to the White House sometimes and talk to us, it could really help. When Bill Clinton called and asked if he could have my vote, I was more prone to do it because we had developed a rapport.”
MolDold's column reminds me of the Joe Theismann ad for Super Beta Prostate, wherein Joe allows, "And no matter what stadium I broadcast from, I always had to find the closest bathroom...."  Joe, did you really think that  your need to urinate frequently would vary depending on which stadium you were in?


Substance McGravitas said...

Joe, did you really think that your need to urinate frequently would vary depending on which stadium you were in?

Hostile crowd might make a difference.

frankly said...

Lieberputz should be reminded that Obama supported him even when he was not the Dem nominee for Senate. He has repaid that support by being the biggest pain in the ass for this President he can be. Ungrateful prick needs to choke on his Chanukkah gelt

Anonymous said...

Her comparison is incomplete. Griffin would have to have his own Lieberman to deal with.

He goes back to pass. Quickly, he's pursued by a defensive lineman, followed by his own left tackle who's trying to help sack him. But the Joe-das Iscariot is mysteriously still welcome back in the huddle.


Montag said...

From his comment, Lieberman suggests that he and Obama hardly know each other, which is pretty fuckin' rich, considering that, by mutual agreement, Lieberman was Obama's official mentor when he first came to the Senate.

This is actually Holy Joe whining because Obama does know him better than Joe's willing to let on, and that Obama very likely finds him less than good company.

Anonymous said...

How do you know this was Lieberman? Was there some place where Dowd or Lieberman said it was him (would have been nice to link to that) or are you just venting more spleen? I wish I had the few minutes I spent reading the poorly-worded screeds here after Megan's ironically humorous link.