Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Ghost of John Derbyshire Pinches A Loaf

From The Corner
Twinkies may have fueled generations of late-night writing and homework binges by journalists and students, but what was purer or more uplifting than the snow-white perfection of “Wonder Bread”? What else more perfectly reflects America in the 20th century, its rise of supermarket consumerization, the growth of suburbs, the promise of efficient mealtimes? I know we’re a low-carb, health conscious, seven-grains society now, but without the hope of redemption implicit in Wonder Bread, I fear dark days ahead.
Self-parody, to be sure, but is it witting or unwitting? You make the call.  (Hint:  The author was a Romney advisor.)

Don't tell Mikey, but Wonder Bread was the original Nanny Bloomberg, and not that pure:
During the 1940s, Continental Baking began adding vitamins and minerals to Wonder Bread as part of a government-sponsored program of enriching white bread which was notoriously deficient in vitamin and mineral content, to combat certain diseases. Known as the "Quiet Miracle", this development is credited with greatly reducing the incidence of the diseases beriberi and pellagra.


Anonymous said...

More nanny state meddling with free market malnutrition.


Montag said...

"... without the hope of redemption implicit in Wonder Bread...."

Austin now leads the Pantload in the NRO race to the bottom.

Roger said...

Maybe he thinks it's the Body of Christ.

Dark Avenger said...

Don't tell K-Lo, you'd never get her out of the bakery.

Anonymous said...

So that's the GOP's problem--chronic constipation!