Monday, November 05, 2012

And What Do We Say To The Acolytes of High Broderism? Fuck Off.

PoliticHo's professional pecksniffs Dylan Byers and John Harris learn a new word:
It is one of the signature developments of Washington during the Obama years: a flourishing F-bomb culture, one that has spread far beyond the White House and now pervades government-media relations in both parties, all across the capital.
It gets worse. In bemoaning the death of Washingtonian gentility, the pecksniffs actually quote talking penis Ari Fleisswhore praising the dead Dean: 
Ari Fleischer, former White House press secretary under President George W. Bush, said. “In the older days, young reporters could turn to a David Broder or a veteran reporter, and the veteran would put their arm around the reporter and help the reporter. Who does a reporter turn to for wisdom on the trail? And if I’m a press secretary with a complicated story I want to put out, who am I supposed to turn to?”
Don't be so modest, Ari.  You knew all the Republican house organs in days of older, and played them well. Especially PoliticHo.

Byers and Harris don't go so far as to claim that Obama invented "fuck."  (Their article is accompanied by a slideshow that demonstrates vulgarity by pols predated the 2008 election.)  
Their more modest proposal is that the political press flacks used to kiss their large, pale asses in exchange for repeating the pols' lies, at least until 2009.  No proof is forthcoming, which leads one to suspect that they simply long for the company of a G-rated Mormon who will lie to them in the most chaste language.


Substance McGravitas said...

What do you do when reporters are just kooks?

Anonymous said...

Of course the Bush era brought manwhore/Reporter Jeff Gannon to the White House to ask softball questions. The guy would literally fuck an old pol like Ari for a few bucks, and leave as soon as he was paid. Maybe Ari misses those days when polite, solicitous questions about Democrats being traitors might be followed by a blow job.

lea-p said...

Roger, I am so happy you are back and posting like a fiend again! Did it take RMoney to juice you? Whatever, keep on kicking ass!

Roger said...


Thank you. My health has taken a turn for the much better. I can't give Willard any credit.