Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grand Old Police Blotter: Hiram Lewis and the (Good) News Edition

Some wacky goings on in the Black Lung State:
Hiram Carson Lewis IV, 41, was arrested over the weekend on a warrant alleging he had threatened Clay County Sheriff Randy Holcomb. Holcomb is a witness against Lewis in a previous case alleging Lewis shot and wounded a man at Lewis' home in Procious.
Lewis, a lawyer and an Iraq War veteran, ran unsuccessfully for the office of attorney general in 2004 and ran unsuccessfully in the 2006 Republican primary to challenge U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va. He again ran for attorney general in 2008, but was edged out in the Republican primary by Dan Greear.
According to a criminal complaint on file in Clay County Magistrate Court, Lewis went to Holcomb's camp in Procious on Oct. 28 and asked the sheriff to go to the Clay County prosecutor's office to help drop charges of malicious wounding and wanton endangerment filed against Lewis in June.
According to the criminal complaint, Lewis told the sheriff on Oct. 28 that he might have to sue over the criminal charges, and allegedly threatened to sue Holcomb as well.
Lewis then allegedly told Holcomb that the sheriff and State Police Trooper B.E. Young were the only witnesses left to testify against him in the June criminal case. A third witness, former State Police Cpl. M.L. Bailey, was shot and killed by a suspect in Wallback in August.
Lewis, who runs a Christian-based organization called Elk River Ministries, allegedly told Holcomb that Bailey had been shot "because of spiritual wrongdoing done to him," according to the criminal complaint.
Lewis says he wasn't trying to intimidate Holcomb, but was only inquiring as to whether Holcomb had been saved.  Some people just don't like being proselytized, I guess.

As for the underlying charges:
On June 13, Lewis was charged with wanton endangerment and malicious wounding for allegedly [sic] shooting Steven Bogart in the leg at Lewis' home in Procious.
Lewis said he shot Bogart after Bogart kicked the door in despite repeated warnings not to come into the house. Bogart said Lewis had invited him to stay at the house in exchange for carpentry work, and wasn't doing anything wrong at the time he was shot.
Jesus was a carpenter, but if He tried to kick Hi Lewis's door down, Lewis would've shot a cap in His ass too.

Okay, so usually these are a lot funnier. (The death of Corporal Bailey is of course tragic.)  The idea that a former candidate for the job of top law enforcement official in the state would let some dude live in his house in exchange for home repairs is almost there, but there's something .... missing.

Wait.  I know what it is:

Reminder:  All persons charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty.


Anonymous said...

I didn't watch right through that video. Does Lewis tuck his junk and start dancing in front of a mirror at the end?

Roger said...

Did you make it to the singing part?

DocAmazing said...

Some people just don't like being proselytized, I guess.

This guy probably thinks a "prostelyte" is a low-calorie hooker.

Montag said...

I take it from this that self-awareness is not Lewis' strong suit.

But, shit, that video is possibly the worst advertisement for WVU law school imaginable.

Anonymous said...

Superstitions can drive people crazy.

I couldn't bear to watch all the way through either. Don't tell me, he ate the eye of muskie / God....