Saturday, November 10, 2012

Republican Family Values: Petraeus Don't Betraeus Edition

David Petraeus was once the latest greatest whitest hope of the Republican Party for the 2012 presidential contest, albeit in the same way the faithful fantasized about Christie, Schwarzkopf, Guiliani and other putative G.O.P. hardmen.

Petraeus is now fulfilling that fantasy again as the man who will blow Benghazi open wider than Rush Limbaugh's inflatable love doll.  Apparently the CIA Director was going to throw the Administration under the uparmored Humvee at a closed Congressional session next Thursday, but instead decided to go back in time and bang an author not his wife two years ago.  Or something.  In any event, it will now be treason for anyone to mention that Petraeus is a Republican.

Update:  Summary of letters to National Review Forum here.


Montag said...

Of course, none of the wingers would dare venture the possibility that The Man Called Petraeus just might have made himself a security risk for letting himself become entangled with a military groupie.

As for Petraeus and his COIN legacy, Adam Curtis has some history on that ill-fated strategy on his blog:

Maybe with him gone, the military will reassess COIN's usefulness.

But, I doubt it. The basic tenet of COIN, as espoused by Petraeus, is that cultural outsiders can become insiders by imitating the tactics of the enemy, and that has never been true. More to the point, the U.S. military has consistently resisted entertaining the notion that there are places on the earth that they are not wanted. Petraeus is just a chapter in that long history of denial.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Jon Schwarz@tinyrevolution

I guess when you spend all day at work blowing up weddings, it’s hard to know when to stop

Rob Patterson said...

Has a Fox News chyron referred to Petraeus as a Democrat yet? If not, I predict by the end of today at the latest.