Thursday, November 01, 2012

A really pointless diatribe when I should be blogging about the election

It seems disgraced plagiarist Box Turtle Ben Domenech is a Star Wars fanboy.  Not the laughable SDI scheme of St. Ronnie, although he's probably a fan of that too. The Star Wars movies.

He makes an argument that others have made, which is that George Lucas ruined Star Wars.  This is incomprehensible to me.  Lucas created the original movie and the characters in it.  Yes, there were thousands of other people involved in making the movie.  But there wouldn't be a Star Wars without Lucas.  I understand the arguments that Lucas is a terrible writer and an evil merchandiser, etc., etc., and he's a hack who got lucky with the first film. I understand that if Lucas gives up control of the franchise (which he apparently just did), someone else can do something different (and call it Star Wars) and the critics might like that better. But, ultimately, the critics are a bunch of wankers (like Domenech) who are pissed because Lucas doesn't make their action figures do what they want their action figures to do. (When Domenech plays with his action figures, Darth Vader is a Communist who molests white women and the Rebel Alliance speaks with a Southern accent.)

I don't really care about the Star Wars franchise. I've only seen one of the movies in its entirety, when I was a kid, and don't know anything about the cartoons or the books or the video games or any of the other crap.  George Lucas may well be a hack and fatuous blowhard and the biggest dick among stiff competition in Marin County.  But your playset wouldn't exist without that evil untalented fuck.


Anonymous said...

As someone who likes the original three Star Wars movies, I can sympathize with those who did not like the prequels. But as inane as Jar-Jr Binks was, the prequels actually did lay out the backstory rather well.

mew said...

The problem was that it was a backstory that didn't need to be told. It was best left as a few oblique and intriguing references to "clone wars" and such that are scattered throughout the original trilogy. Lucas is a lousy writer, but his biggest mistake was making prequels when he should have been making sequels. Yes, he created a fun premise and fun characters with the original film. He should have just stuck with them throughout. Who wouldn't have wanted to see Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reprise their roles 20 years later? You know they would've done it.

And no, I'm not going to click through and read that twerp's thoughts on Lucas.

Roger said...

"Who wouldn't have wanted to see Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill reprise their roles 20 years later?"

The people who bought tickets to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?

Anonymous said...