Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Roger's Mail Sac

The readers of Roger Ailes are so smart that they could write this blog by themselves and improve it many-fold. Here are excerpts from just a handful of the e-mails I've received that didn't come with an offer of a university diploma.

The Scarlet Pimpernel (not that one) offers the timely reminder that "War is good for the economy like cannibalism is nutritious." Certainly more Bartlett's-worthy than anything that's come out of Geo. Bush's mouth since ... forever.

Ripley from the old MWO boards calls our attention to Tucker "Faye" Carlson indulging in a bit of code-talking to his fellows in the white people's party:

CARLSON: Don Opasik (ph) of Pittsburgh writes, "I was devastated by the news that Al Gore has withdrawn from the 2002 (?) presidential race. The Republcian Party has lost a significant contributor to George Bush's reelection. I guess that leaves Al Sharpton." [Para.] You know, it always goes back to Al Sharpton, and I'm glad it does.
Meanwhile, mw keeps the pressure on that Confederate cracker, Robert Stacy McCain, by pointing us to a series of peevish e-mails sent by McCain to a webbloger who challenged him on his smears of anti-war activists. Freeper McCain now has been MIA from the Moonie Times website for almost three weeks, since November 29, for those keeping track.

skippy the bush kangaroo carbon copies us on his corrective epistle to Howard Kurtz, reminding Howie that "it was atrios and his blog echaton who broke, rode, and reported the lott story, far ahead and far more than any conservative blogger." I sure hope Howie doesn't go Steno Sue and e-mail "my" employer, Rupert Murdoch.

And, finally, a reader named SPERM teases us with a reference to "that well-known Washington folklore about what the baseball bat on Thurmond's desk was for." I must admit I've never heard that legend. Spill, oh wise seed.

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