Saturday, December 14, 2002

Naming and Shaming

As Twisted Little Mick says "Always announce bad news on Friday." He might add the corollary, always change your blog entries on Friday night, when no one's looking.

Without comment or admitting error, Mick has rewritten the P.P.S. to his Friday morning entry. It now reads:

"The only downside I can see to Lott relinquishing his leadership post is the revival of 'blogger triumphalism' that will follow. Though blogs (e.g. Atrios, Josh Marshall, Tim Noah, Sullivan, and Instapundit) took the lead in blasting Lott -- while the NYT 's Guilty Southern Liberal Howell Raines, hilariously, was asleep at the switch when a real 60's-style civil rights controversy came along -- wouldn't Lott eventually have gotten into big trouble for his remarks even if the Web didn't exist?" (Emphasis added.)
Atrios and Noah weren't there yesterday morning, as I noted in yesterday's comment. Now they are.

Mick also adds an "update" which quotes John-John Podhoretz' column, which properly credits Atrios. But we all know the real reason for the change: Kaus reads Roger Ailes and does Roger's bidding.

Like the mighty Howell Raines, who can make cabinet officials withdraw from country clubs that have earned his wrath, the mighty Roger Ailes can make "journalist" Mickey Kaus rewrite his "files" to reflect the truth.

Now that's blog triumphalism ... nay, blog transcendence ... at its finest.

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