Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Mickey Two-Fer Tuesday

Little Mick has done a complete one-eighty on the Lott story. Last Friday, he credited Sully and Instapundit with "taking the lead" on Lott's tribute to Strom Thurmond. Later the same day, he rewrote his comment to include Atrios and Tim Noah, without telling his readers about the rewrite. Now Mick says, "It was a string of pro-Democrat bloggers -- Atrios, Josh Marshall, Tim Noah, to name three -- who immediately started whaling on Lott. (The conservative bloggers -- Sullivan, Frum, and Goldberg -- began pummeling Lott a day or two later)."

Kaus's dishonesty is astounding. After his lie is pointed out, he reverses his position, covers up his original claim and now argues the exact opposite.

Kaus also has an actual article on Slate. It's all about cars and nostalgia for high school sex. If you buy a 'piece and play your cards right, Mick, you can get Bob Greene's old job.

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