Sunday, December 22, 2002

Meet-y, Beaty, Tim and Bouncy

I only caught the latter half of G.E. Pumpkinhead's "Thoughts For The Holidays" program, but from the tone of the program it certainly looks like only one of the eleven questions below was even touched upon by Little Russ (as Maureen O. calls him). In full Bushlick mode, Tim asked Cardinal McCarrick how the U.S. Bishops "balanced patriotism" with criticism of the War against Iraq. (I will post the exact quote when the transcript becomes available.)

Yes, Pumpkinhead's "thought" for the holidays is that opposition to the Bush Administration's foreign policy is unpatriotic.

Update (12/23): The transcript indicates that Pumpkinhead did allude to the priest molestation scandal. Cardinal McCarrick interposed a Trent Lott defense, saying that the Church "handed the ammunition" to its critics. To be fair to McCarrick, I'm not aware of any molestation cover-ups in McCarrick's jurisdiction.

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