Thursday, December 19, 2002

Personal Responsibility At Its Finest

David Keene has severe emotional problems.

He was institutionalized numerous times, beginning at age 8.

He has poor emotional control.

He has an exaggerated belief that he is in danger.

So, of course, his parents did what any loving parent would do: Gave him a BMW and a gun.

Oh, and his fiance claims she was trying to grab the gun from him -- which he was brandishing while driving -- and it "accidentally" went off.

Sounds like they haven't quite settled on a defense yet.

David's daddy happens to be the president of the American Conservative Union. And Daddy has just named another mentally-disturbed individual with poor emotional control and poorer weapons-handling abilities to the ACU's "21st Century Chair for Privacy and Freedom." Yes, it's Former Congressman Bob Barr.

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