Saturday, December 28, 2002

No More Bigots In The G.O.P.

Having removed the last vestiges of bigotry from its ranks by demoting Trent Lott, the Party of Lincoln was shocked to find intolerance within the faithful in Jesse Helms' home state.
The Web site of a North Carolina county Republican organization today removed a link to another site with anti-Islamic statements after receiving criticism from a Muslim group.

The Guilford County Republican Party's site,, includes the usual color photographs of Senator-elect Elizabeth Dole and President Bush, and election information and meeting schedules. But among its links was one to a site called, which describes Islam as "one of the greatest evils on our planet."

"This false religion is nothing more than a barbaric occult invented by savages for savages," the site said.

Update (12/29) (via Atrios): Mark A.R. Kleiman and MWO scooped the Times by two months. Somehow, it's all Howell Raines' fault.

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