Monday, December 23, 2002

Buffalo Chickenhawk Wings

Here's Pumpkinhead's smear:
MR. RUSSERT: Cardinal McCarrick, you have a particularly delicate role as a member of the clergy, balancing support for our men and women in the armed service and also the morality of war. The Catholic bishops had a statement in November suggesting we still had not met the threshold in terms of Iraq. How do you wrestle with that? Supporting, being patriotic, and yet, the moral consequences of war. (Italics added.)
For Russert, patriotism and support for members of the armed services are in direct opposition to concerns for the moral consequences of war. Russert can't concieve that opposition to a future war against Iraq is patriotic and/or supportive of U.S. troops. Funnily enough, it doesn't appear that Little Russ wrestled much with these issues in his own life.

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