Saturday, December 21, 2002

Bob Novak's red sweater vest is the first sign that the dreaded "Year In Review" season is already upon us. Atrios alerts us that Pumpkinhead's annual Xmas-week snooze-fest with Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick will be broadcast on tomorrow's "Meet the Press."

Let's see how many of the following topics will be covered on the program:

1. Pedophile priests.

2. Giuliani's support for abortion rights.

3. The U.S. Bishops' opposition to a war against Iraq.

4. Giuliani's adultery.

5. Laura Bush's (alleged) support for abortion rights.

6. The U.S. Bishops' opposition to the death penalty.

7. Rudy and Judy's 15-officer NYPD security detail.

8. George Bush's failure to deliver to New York City the federal relief funds promised after 9/11.

9. Trent Lott's (and George Bush's) support for the anti-Catholic BJU.

That should fill an hour's worth of conversation.

Anything I've left out?

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