Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Now, Trent Lott's Hate Does Not Bother Me....

Does your conscience bother you?

I have two questions for the "Trent Lott Must Go" crowd:


and Where?

Why should Trent Lott go? Because he is an embarassment to the Senate?

But he's not. The Senate didn't elect him. The people of Mississippi did. And he's not a Senate leader. He's the leader of the Republican Party in the Senate.

Doesn't embarass me in the slightest. He's your problem, RNC, you clean up after him.

The "Lott Must Go" cries from the right are disingenuous at best. Because they don't really want him to go anywhere. All the talk is about Lott resigning his leadership position. No one is calling for him to resign from the Senate. Why? His comments make him unfit to lead the Republicans, but not unfit to vote with them on matters every matter of national importance? Bigotry is okay on the back benches? The real reason is because Lott's resignation from the Senate might further narrow the Republicans' majority, particularly if his replacement was picked by Mississippi's Democratic governor. The right had no trouble with Lott-sponsored judicial candidates, like Charles Pickering, and they certainly won't have any problem with Lott voting to put similiar Bush nominees on the federal bench. They don't really want him gone.

And look at the leaders of the Lott Must Go movement. Andrew Sullivan, who takes a paycheck from a paper edited by bigots even bigger than Lott (including Robt. "God Bless Trent Lott" McCain). And Jonah Goldberg, whose mother runs a internet message board for racists. These men are hardly entitled to claim the moral high ground.

Update: I rest my case. The wing-nuts are calling for Lott to step down as leader, but at the same time practically ordering him not to do a Livingston.

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