Saturday, December 21, 2002

Lott Must Go

Why, look, he's still there.

And so the little P.R. exercise of the right has concluded. The man so vile he could not lead the Republicans -- but is perfectly qualified to serve with them and vote with them -- has surrendered his leadership position. Problem solved. Closure. The Republican Party is racist no more.

My opinions are not meant to disparage anyone who criticized Lott or who was offended by his statements. That criticism is well deserved. But Lott's racist views were well known for years. So if you didn't condemn Lott during the first century of Strom Thumond's life, you're a little too late to the party now. Particular credit is due to those on the left who emphasized (and in some instances unearthed) Lott's past transgressions, aborting Lott's attempts to pass off his recent remarks as offhand or unthinking comments. My criticism is for those in the Republican Party and on the right who think taking away Lott's leadership title changes anything. It doesn't.

And Senator Lott will remain in the Senate until his one-hundredth birthday, should he choose to do so and should he live so long.

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