Friday, July 01, 2005

Zero Intellectual Integrity, Zero Shame

That's the Wall Street Journal editorial page:

"The leak of Ms. Plame's name probably wasn't even a crime at all under the 1982 Intelligence Identities Protection Act. That statute was aimed at stopping the treasonous betrayal of secret agents in the field, not the office-bound spouse of former CIA consultant Joe Wilson, who outed himself in an attempt to assail the Iraq War and damage President Bush."

"Mr. Fitzgerald has also ignored the Justice Department guidelines on pursuing source-names from journalists, which include 'reasonable grounds to believe' that 'a crime has been committed.' And he has never publicly disclosed, even to the two reporters and their attorneys, why he needs their notes. It may be that he too has concluded that talking to the press is no crime, in which case he may by now only be pursuing a perjury rap against the leaker. If that's true, Mr. Fitzgerald will have earned a place in the Overzealous Hall of Fame."

Read those last two sentences again. These people will say anything.

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