Thursday, July 14, 2005

The right's embrace of treason extends beyond its love for the treacherous Karl Rove. is currently crowing that "Southern Heritage Remains at Vanderbilt" by linking to this subliterate paragraph from one Jos. Pylman:

In a victory for opponents of multiculturalism, Vanderbilt University has decided not to appeal a decision from the Tennessee Court of Appeals that bars the university from replacing the name "confederate" from a dorm room. CNN reports that in May the Court held that either the name, "Confederate Memorial Hall," be left alone or that the group that financed the building, the Daughters of the Confederacy, be reimbursed at a sum of $50,000. The administration at Vanderbilt decided to drop the matter, despite disagreeing with the outcome. This is another example of the egalitarian impulse running rampant in the South, where multiculturalists attempt to subdue Southern heritage in the name of creating "a more welcoming environment." This is a victory for those traditionalists hanging on to their heritage and progeny.
The heritage of anti-Americanism, that is.

The wanker Pylman is (or was) the editor-in-chief of the Cornell Review. And it shows in his writing.

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