Wednesday, July 06, 2005

120 Days Of Saddam

It's truly a tragic day for the United States of America, some say. The ever irreverent Wonkette "wish[es] we could be just a smidgen more glib about the prospect of an American reporter going to jail over a journalistic principle but we're sort out of glib right now." Not even an ass-fucking gag can dull the psychic pain.

As for we, we're out of sympathy right now. We'll beat the dead horse once more: Miller has exactly the same right as you and me not to testify as a witness in a criminal matter when ordered to do so -- None, absent assertion of the Fifth Amendment privilege.

Miller claimed the moral high ground, speaking from a very deep pit:

She noted that she had covered the war in Iraq, and had lived and worked all over the world.

"The freest and fairest societies are not only those with independent judiciaries," she said, "but those with an independent press that works every day to keep government accountable by publishing what the government might not want the public to know."

Said the Administration mouthpiece.

See you in October, Judy.

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