Monday, July 18, 2005

Soft on Terrorism

I've seen very little comment in the blogosphere, particularly from those on the right who fraudulently claim to oppose terror, about the life sentence handed down today against the second-deadliest living terrorist on American soil.

Eric Rudolph, who has confessed to the Atlanta Olympics bombing and three other explosions that killed two and injured 150, received two life sentences today for a fatal abortion clinic blast after angrily denouncing abortion and telling the federal court that "deadly force is needed to stop it."

Mr. Rudolph, a 38-year-old former Army explosives expert, pleaded guilty in April to setting off a bomb that injured a nurse, Emily Lyons, and killed a police officer, Robert Sanderson, outside the Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham, Ala., in 1998.
Where are all the voices that were heard so loudly when the BBC called the London terrorists "bombers"? Can't they manage even a peep of outrage at the U.S. media's failure to call Rudolph what he really is? Aren't they disturbed that the Justice Department cut a deal with a religious fanatic whose faith is repellent to all decent humans? Have they spent one second grieving Rudolph's victims?

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