Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Grapes of Ass

Who says America's not a great country:

  • Abortion continues against the wishes of many States
  • Sodomite and lesbian "marriage" is now legal in Massachusetts (and coming soon to a neighborhood near you)
  • Children who pray in public schools are subject to prosecution
  • Our schools continue to teach the discredited theory of Darwinian evolution
  • The Bible is still not welcome in schools except under unconstitutional FEDERAL guidelines
  • The 10 Commandments remain banned from public display
  • Sodomy is now legal AND celebrated as "diversity" rather than condemned as perversion
  • Preaching Christianity will soon be outlawed as "hate speech"
  • Fathers are denied equal rights under law in cases of child custody
  • Our right to keep and bear arms continues to be INFRINGED
  • Private homes are now subject to arbitrary government seizure
Sounds good to me.

The foregoing is a parade of horribles imagined by, a group with the goal of moving religious wingnuts to South Carolina in order to gain political control of the state. (They don't even bother tacking "Judeo" to their dream of a Christian Nation, so they're slightly more honest that most fundies.)

They've got an action plan:

Initial goals:

1. 2,500 members in our Phase One counties by September 30, 2006.
2. Work several local political campaigns in 2006 (election goals set at that time).
3. Move thousands more members into South Carolina by September 30, 2008.
4. Complete Phase One by end of 2008.

Then, they're gonna secede from the Union, or as they put it, "Institute constitutional reforms returning proper autonomy to the State by 2016 regardless of illegal edicts from Washington, D.C."

South Carolina can have the lot, as far as I'm concerned.

Update 7/17): The group is, not surprisingly, the brainchild of a Neo-Confederate.

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