Sunday, July 03, 2005

Warning: Old Fart Music Post

Of the Pink Floyd reunion at Live 8, the BBC quotes (or paraphrases, it's not clear which) Roger Waters as saying:

It seemed like a good opportunity for reconciliation to have a small victory over rancour. Life's too short otherwise.

The Mirror proclaims, "Floyd's Feud Over." (It also claims an exclusive(!) for the story.)

NME quotes Nick Mason on the back story:

"Roger and Bob [Geldof] have enormous respect for each other, The two of them together are a bit like Hitler and Stalin with a better sense of humour, and in Bob's case, worse hair."

(Imagine the wingnut orgasms in the phoney-baloney outrage crowd if someone had said that about, say, Bill Frist and Trent Lott.)

Meanwhile, in the Moonie Times, some wanker who has issues with Waters' politics claims that The Final Cut was dismal, while The Division Bell was excellent. Talk about the dark side of the Moon.

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