Thursday, July 14, 2005

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

That sound coming from Las Vegas is the high-pitched whine of the Cash-Strapped Nevada Chickenhawk:

[Nathan] Taylor argues that the state's Republican delegation should have helped him fund the national Young Republican convention held last week at Mandalay Bay.

"I've got bills at the hotel I can't pay," said Taylor, a 29-year-old political science senior at UNR who said he had to quit his food service job and drop classes to plan the convention.

Taylor estimates that the convention, attended by about 600 people from around the nation, is at least $10,000 -- and up to $25,000 -- in the red.

As the chairman, he said he'll personally have to cough up the cash.

"It's a really sad day when my congressmen and my senator, who are sitting on millions, can't cut me a check for $25,000," Taylor said. "I don't think I'm asking for much."

That is sad.

I hear the Army is hiring, Nate. Given the time and effort you put into the convention and your experience in the food service industry, I'm sure your "two recent lung surgeries" won't pose any impediment to service.

If the military isn't interested, I'm sure Mandalay Bay could put you to work as a bellhop. (Lift with the knees, man!)

Meanwhile, Nathan is putting a positive spin on the convention, declaring it successful:

YRNC2005 would like to thank all of our sponsors and supporters for assisting us in hosting a successful YRNC2005.

Contributions can be mailed to:

YRNC2005, Inc.
c/o Nathan Taylor
P.O. Box 34779
Reno, NV 89533

For more information, you can email us at, or you can reach us by telephone at 775-741-4430.

You can show your support in the same way that Nate supports America's troops. Send Nate an e-mail stating that you either have sent, will send, or plan to send him a check, or have participated in events or projects supporting the sending of a check to him. (Note: Planning to send a check is not tax-deductible.)

Update: Jo Fish and Atrios support Nate, too.

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