Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Independent has an irreverent look at the Best and Worst of Live 8. The best bits, according to me:

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, wearing a fiercely blue shirt, demonstrated a firmer grasps of the issues than of rock chic. "Some day in the future all people no matter where they are born will be able to lead a healthy life We can do this and when we do it will be the best thing that humanity has ever done."

Then he went and ruined his new credibility by introducing Dido.


When asked how he had fought through the crowds to get to the concert, [Elton] replied "I came in my helicopter". Revenge was delivered as Little Britain's David Walliams introduced the ageing knight as "Mr Sir Elton John".

So far, I haven't seen any comment on Tim McGraw's decision to sing "Live Like You Were Dying" at the Rome concert.

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