Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sowelled Out

Thomas "Kidneys on Ice" Sowell shares some profound random thoughts with us:

Usually I like four-star hotels better than five-star hotels. The four-star hotels tend to be comfortable and attractive places with amenities, but without the pretentiousness and fussiness of five-star hotels.


Now that Samatha Brown on the travel channel is overseas doing programs about outstanding hotels in Europe, I hope she will continue on to Asia and do a program on my favorite hotel in the world, the Shangri-la in Singapore.
Random thoughts or a pattern? Is Sowell looking for a cheap but unpretentious homebase from which to search for an impoverished kidney donor entrepreneur? Old Wing Sowell claims to feel "like an antique car that is being kept in running condition by high-priced mechanics." Nothing like some foreign spare parts to keep a clunker running.

At least Sowell managed to avoid plugging his book in this column. That seems to be SOP for wingnut pundits these days.

The rest of the column contains such gems of wisdom as

Many people are so preoccupied with the notion that their own knowledge exceeds the average knowledge of millions of other people that they overlook the more important fact that their knowledge is not even one-tenth of the total knowledge of those millions. That is the crucial fallacy behind the repeated failures of central planning and other forms of social engineering which concentrate power in the hands of people with less knowledge and more presumption.

Reading letters from liberals makes me fear that they are going to dislocate their shoulders from patting themselves on the back so much. The way they tell it, the reason they differ from others is that they are so much more compassionate, aware, concerned, nuanced, sophisticated and -- yes -- just plain smarter.

You might want to cut back on those pills, Tom.

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