Saturday, December 15, 2007

You Huck 'Em, We Chuck 'Em

Kevin Drum is mostly right with this analysis of why wingnut bloggers (the Powertools, most of the Idiot's Corner, etc.) hate the Far-Right Reverend Mike Huckabee. But he's slightly off.

The wingnuts don't worry that Huckabee takes the Bible literally, they worry that he might take literally the parts they don't like. They'd love to stone fornicators (unless they're fornicating themselves or the equivalent, jacking off to beauty pageants) and homosexuals, and put women in their place, just like Huck. But they worry that Jesus will tell Huck not to torture Muslims or piss on the poor, and that they just can't stomach. Assrocket, Instacracker and their crowds aren't "urban sophisticates" and they sure as hell aren't of any libertarian bent. (They also hate Ron Paul because he opposes their holy war.) They're know-nothing yahoos with law degrees and lust for the abuse of power.

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