Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Outrage, It Burns

Or is that the stupidity?

A testosterone-deficient Harvard professor, a wingnut welfare queen and an aptly-named collegiate tosser express outrage at a false report that a Mormon virgin was beaten by pro-miscuous terrorists in the wilds of New Jersey:

Some students yesterday said they the incident would not intimidate them into silence.

"An assault on those who express their opinion hurts all of us who might want to express their views. If you have a problem with what I say, then come and get me," a sophomore who is a member of the Princeton College Republicans, Wyatt Yankus, wrote on a blog, Princetontory.blogspot.com.

"It's a terrible incident, but it doesn't surprise me," a conservative author who has campaigned against a culture of left-wing conformity on college campuses, David Horowitz, said in an interview. "The left has now become the hate group."

A conservative professor at Harvard, Harvey Mansfield, said he is outraged. "I hope Princeton comes down on them like a ton of bricks, and by Princeton I mean either the university or the township or both," Mr. Mansfield said. "It should be easy for liberals to identify a case of intolerance; they're good at that."

Lord, what fools these moralists be. How gullible do you have to be to believe that an obscure college student would be kidnapped and beaten by leftists for advocating abstinence?* The skankofascist terorists would surely pick a higher-profile virgin, like Ben Shapiro, Don Surber or any Ron Paul supporter.

* Answer -- Brit Hume/Instacracker stupid.

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