Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Migrant On The Salmon House Lawn

Huge Fuckwitt is seeing his dream of being Willard Romney's own Abu Gonzales go up in smoke.

Here's the news:

At last week's Republican debate in St. Petersburg, Fla., Romney was quick to attack Rudy Giuliani for safeguarding illegal immigrants in New York City.

Yet early the next morning after the debate, illegal immigrants from Central America were in plain view on the lawn in front of Romney's salmon-colored mansion in Belmont. Chatting in Spanish, they hustled to rake massive clumps of leaves, dump them in barrels, and clear debris from his tennis court.

Their boss, Ricardo Saenz of Chelsea, was the same man who for a decade brought illegal immigrants and others to work for Romney, whom he had met through their shared Mormon faith. A year ago, a Globe article revealed that illegal immigrants landscaped Romney's 2.5-acre property.

In the past two months, The Globe observed Saenz and his crew at Romney's estate once a week, except during the week of Thanksgiving. The lawn work at Romney's usually took place around noon, then the crew drove a few houses down the street to the home owned by Taggart Romney, one of Mitt Romney's sons, where they worked for about an hour. The work was sandwiched in between other jobs elsewhere, on workdays that sometimes lasted 10 to 12 hours.

And here's Baby Hughie, blubbering like an infant whose favorite Presidential candidate is about to go down in flames:

Romney has done the right thing, and it will not impact his campaign at all, especially in this week of "The Speech." (See Geraghty The Indispensable's commentary on the timing of "The Speech.")

But I should point out again, as I did when the first story broke, that the Boston Globe hates Romney and has gone to extraordinary lengths to hurt him, including staking out his house for the past three months to get this story.

Quick, as I have noted before, find the story on the illegal aliens working at one of the five Kerry homes from the 2004 campaign. It isn't there of course. The Globe didn't stake out even one of Kerry's homes. The paper didn't even press him to release his military records.

To be fair, Baby Hughie, the paper didn't press Willard to release his military records. Or you yours.

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