Sunday, December 30, 2007

Part IV -- The Year In Right-Wing Sex

(One point for each correct answer)

Match the far right family man -- or Mickey Kaus -- with the object of his erection affection.


1. Reverend Gary Aldridge

2. Senator David Vitter

3. Representative Richard Curtis

4. Reverend Ted Haggard

5. Blogger John Hinderaker

6. Senator Larry Craig

7. Billionaire publisher Richard Mellon Scaife

8. State Senator Bob Allen

9. Blogger Mickey Kaus

10. Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias


a. Scary black men

b. Paid (female) escorts

c. Airport restrooms

d. Depends (on who you ask)

e. Meth, male prostitutes

f. Two wetsuits, rubberized male underwear, scuba diver's mask

g. He likes to watch

h. Corndogs

i. Adultery at Doug's Motel, $28 for three hours

j. Sex in pornographic bookstores while wearing red stockings and black sequined lingerie