Sunday, December 09, 2007

Out of Thick Head

In her inevitable and inevitably worthless Mitt v. J.F.K. column, MoDo approvingly quotes the following critique of the Catholic Church:

But he worries that "the Catholic Church, while more welcoming, is still not a place that grants women and blacks equal status, and it's a terrible place to be gay. The leadership is authoritarian, male, white and absolutely intolerant of dissent."

Of course she didn't write that. The Church in question is the L.D.S.

Dowd's whole schtick, as if you couldn't guess, is that Mitt's no J.F.K., that principled battler of prejudice. But Dowd, Russert and the rest of the Holy Foamin' Punditocracy never seem to mention how the Catholic Church is institutionally intolerant, reactionary and bigoted. (Oh, they'll mention the kiddie-diddling, if forced to, or if it gives them an excuse to puff on the Clenis.)

The Dowd crowd isn't really into God, though. They just like to wallow in the nostalgia of their re-imagined childhoods, delusionally elevate their parents to sainthood and sniff at the shortcomings of their social inferiors. That's close enough to heaven for them.

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