Thursday, December 20, 2007

Libertarian Fascism: The Totalitarian Temptation From Pat Buchanan To Ron Paul

The sources for this are Kevin McCullough, the Little Green Genociders and actual Nazis, one of the biggest collections of dipshits you'll find in these United States. So who knows.* But they're accusing Ro Paul and his staffers of consorting with white racist groups with ties to Pat Buchanan, the late Sam Francis and Joe Sobran (who is either dead or alive; I can't be bothered). If Paul was serious candidate, this would definitely merit scrutiny. Since he's not, it just makes his supporters' efforts raise 6 million sound creepy.

* To be fair to Paul, McCullough claims that the white supremacists' alleged meeting place, a Thai restaurant, comped Paul for some meals. ("Looks like the eatery even comped Ron Paul's lunch as a campaign contribution.") What his link actually shows is that Paul's campaign paid the restaurant $314. (Look up the words "payee" and "disbursements," dude.) You don't get much dumber than our Kev.

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