Sunday, December 30, 2007

Part III -- Grand Old Police Blotter: The Year in Republicrime

(One point for each correct answer)

Match the wingnut with the criminal charges/conviction against him or her. Some of the distinctions are fine ones, but there is only one correct answer for each malefactor.

As always, the fact that a Republican isn't on this list only means he or she hasn't been caught yet. (Yes, that means you, Abu Gonzales.)

1. Bob Allen

2. I. Lewis Libby

3. George Ryan

4. Thomas Ravenel

5. Conrad Black

6. Larry Craig

7. David H. Brooks

8. Michael Flory

9. Jeff Neilsen

10. Brent Wilkes

11. Italia Federici

12. J. Stephen Griles

13. Bernard Kerik

14. Glenn Murphy, Jnr.

15. Kyle "Dusty" Foggo


a. committing lewd acts on minors

b. money laundering, bribery, wire fraud

c. perjury, obstruction of justice, lying to the FBI

d. solicitation of undercover police officer for prostitution

e. fraud, conspiracy, money laundering

f. conspiracy to possess cocaine, intent to distribute cocaine

g. insider trading, fraud and tax evasion

h. obstruction of justice/Senate investigation

i. disorderly conduct

j. felony sexual battery

k. conspiracy, tax fraud, making false statements to White House

l. fraud, obstruction of justice

m. racketeering conspiracy, mail fraud, lying to the FBI, obstructing the Internal Revenue Service and filing false tax returns

n. criminal deviate conduct

o. tax evasion, obstruction of justice

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