Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mickey Bates Is Back Again

Some say Mickey Kaus hasn't been able to achieve sexual fulfillment since he left his parents' home forty years ago, even though the Mainstream Media assiduously refuses to confirm those rumors. The hairless hack tried some thigh rubbing back in 2004, when his fellow deviant, Drudge, phoned him with a dirty story involving John Kerry. Impotence -- and the truth -- got the upper hand, however.

Undaunted, Kaus has pulled the wetsuits, nylon rope and Ann Coulter doll (as he calls it) out of the closet and is trying again, just three years later:

"The National Enquirer claims to have enough of the Edwards cheating-on-cancer-stricken-wife story, including 'bombshell' e-mails, to run with. ... P.S.: They 'met in a bar.' Sounds familiar! ... You read it here first. ... OK, you read it on HuffPo first. ... HuffPo 's Sam Stein now has lots of background material. ... P.P.S.: When I ask friends they split roughly 50/50 on whether, if true, this is a legitimate story. The MSM seems to be strenuously trying to not report it. Given how Edwards' campaign has tacitly and effectively used Elizabeth and her struggle, etc., I think if true it's scummy behavior on his part that Democratic primary voters should know about. His campaign is denying it. ..." (Emphasis in original.)

The idea of a man with hair and a loving marriage is eating Kaus alive. I'd suspect Kaus's smear was coordinated by his replacement mother figure, Ann Coulter, but the hairless hack is slimy enough to post it without explicit marching orders.

Update: p.s. to the hack: Big changes are expected of you. Better start preparing.

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