Friday, October 12, 2007

Coarsening The Discourse Since 2002

Sometime this month, Roger Ailes the blog will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its very first post. Thanks to Blogger's latest "upgrade," which screwed up the archives, I'm not certain of the exact date. But it doesn't really matter. Who needs an excuse to drink reflect on this amazing milestone?

And to those who say this humble blog has had no impact on the vital issues of the day, I respond, "read 'em and weep":

COLBERT: Why are you making me think, Larry?

The book is -- the book is like the show. It's -- the show is an extension and an amplification of pundit shows.

KING: All pundit shows?

COLBERT: All pundit shows.

KING: So when they say you're just doing O'Reilly, that's wrong?

COLBERT: No, no, no, no.

KING: You do all pundits.

COLBERT: I'm also Hannity.

KING: Russert?

COLBERT: Well, Russert is less of a pundit and more of a pumpkin.


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