Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Writing of Clarence Thomas, pretend seaman Special Ed complains that "the media has never gotten a grasp of the man under the robes."

Special Ed more than makes up for that failure this week, grasping the dull-witted pr0n enthusiast for all he is worth before rubbing out the following conclusion: "That the media and a good part of the nation could have missed this amazing and impressive man should anger and sadden the American populace. I will not ever forget the dichotomy between the public image of Clarence Thomas and the real human being I met tonight."

The rest of Special Ed's blog post is devoted to an explanation about how Thomas is charming in a roomful of sycophants, rather than the blubbering baby who cowers in the fetal position when confronted with the truth.

Meanwhile, Professor Anita Hill once again demonstrates that Thomas is a lying sack of shit:

In 1981, when Mr. Thomas approached me about working for him, I was an associate in good standing at a Washington law firm. In 1991, the partner in charge of associate development informed Mr. Thomas's mentor, Senator John Danforth of Missouri, that any assertions to the contrary were untrue. Yet, Mr. Thomas insists that I was "asked to leave" the firm.

It's worth noting, too, that Mr. Thomas hired me not once, but twice while he was in the Reagan administration — first at the Department of Education and then at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After two years of working directly for him, I left Washington and returned home to Oklahoma to begin my teaching career.

Special Ed is, of course, a chuzzlewit who believes what he's told whenever it fits his worldview. Especially when he's given table scraps from the grownups' table and the autograph of a sticky-handed sociopath.

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