Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mellon Scaife Rent Boy Tells The Truth While Touting Anti-Semite

In a post demanding tolerance for Nick Griffin, the anti-semitic leader of a British white supremacist party who is currently touring America as the guest of campus right-wingers, Newsbusters' Timmy Graham inexplicably tells the truth:

Another example is the hacking of our friend Jonah Goldberg. His forthcoming book "Liberal Fascism" was hacked at, reports Editor and Publisher. The working subtitle is "The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning." The hacker changed it to "The Totalitarian Temptation from When I Got My Advance Until I Finally Hand in the Manuscript in 2011." It was still carrying the joke subtitle when I just checked.)

I think Jonah would admit that's mildly humorous. His book has had several subtitles, and he didn't enjoy one that included Hillary Clinton. (Brent Bozell asked to the change the subtitle of our book Whitewash, and Crown Forum has delayed its release several times from its original date in September 2006, so book buyers should know it's a collaborative process with the publisher.) But the hacker is making Amazon look as bad as Goldberg does.

Nothing can make Amazon look as bad as its continuing characterization of Goldberg's bat-droppings as a "book."

Regarding Griffin, the Young Americans for Freedom invited the New Right Nazi to the Michigan State campus knowing he is a Holocaust denier. Graham links to an article pointing out that fact, but pretends not to notice. Funny how Graham promotes a true conservative fascist while pimping the Pantload's fairytales.

Update: More about Tim Graham and Nick Griffin's pale pals at YAF Watch.

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