Thursday, February 23, 2006

Konservative Komedy Korner

Over at, Hollywood insider Cheryl Felicia Rhoads is touting the comedy stylings of far-right funnyman Evan Sayet. Sayet has been tapped to headline at David Horowitz's rescheduled Restoration Weekend, where he will "entertain the likes of Michael Barone, Tammy Bruce and Phyllis Chesler to name just a few."

Sayet's "also a popular blogger and lecturer" (who isn't!) and he's generous enough to share some of his "A" material on the 'net.

Here's Evan on the Moslem:

The folks at the Times, et al, know that if the people actually saw the silly, innocuous cartoons then the Moslem would be, yet again, exposed as exceptionally dangerous and willing to commit the most exceptional of crimes because of their exceptional viciousness. This cannot be allowed. And THIS is the reason the Antique Media refuses to provide their readers/viewers with salient and vital information.

It's the funny because its the true.

Evan on the Demonrats:

Democrats ALWAYS Side With Evil/Wrong and Failed

If you don't know the Democrats' position on any particular issue simply ask yourself "what's the worst option" and that will be the Democrats'.

Anything that's successful -- Wal-Mart, Israel, America, etc. -- they are against. Anything that is failed -- Tookie Williams, ebonics, the Palestinians -- they are for.

Evan could use a few writing tips from ebonics; but at least he's cutting-edge topical.

Evan on the destruction of civilization:

This idea of "living for today" is what is behind the left's arguments for homosexual marriage -- something that may well destroy civilization TOMORROW but for today, well, it feels good. And it explains why the left's ideological brethren in France would refuse to get up from their Chablis to go check on their parents during a heatwave that saw 15,000 of their moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas suffocate to death two summers ago.


Why is Evan only charging $10 a head for this comedy gold? And why isn't he on CNBC?

Evan on the lighter side of death:

(In fairness, while the socialists in places like Canada and France have offered not a single scientific advancement of note in a long, long time, there are American scientists whose computer models suggest that one is expected by around the turn of the twenty-fourth century -- about the same time that the first person is expected to die from second-hand smoke and the first non-intravenous drug-using heterosexual in the Western World is expected to contract AIDS.)

I'd like to see Jerry Seinfeld or Jon Stewart get as many laughs out of a "die, fags" routine.

Rhoads informs us that "the formerly liberal Sayet switched his political allegiances after September 11th, 2001." Yes, Sayet's another el-Simon wingnut: "I used to consider myself a Democrat, but thanks to 9/11, I'm outraged by Chappaquiddick."

But Evan's not just a comedian, he's an historian too:

From the light bulb to the television, from the personal computer to the internet, virtually every scientific innovation of the last century has come from the religious folks in America. If it were up to the French, the Swedes or the Spanish the "enlightened" would quite literally still be sitting in the dark.

Or maybe that's part of his comedy routine; I'm not sure.

I hope Crazy Davy Horowitz, Michael Barone and Tammy Bruce enjoy Sayet's gags about dying faggots and Frogs, dem illiterate Negroids and the bloodthirsty Moslem race. The culture wars will still be there to fight after the warm glow of laughter fades away.

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