Saturday, February 11, 2006

I Was Power Hungry, And You Greased Me

I was in need of succor, and you Hoovered me.

I was the Bugchaser, and you buggered me.

Ah, those Judeo-Christian values, Abramoff/Lapin style.

"Toward Tradition, a nonprofit in Mercer Island, Wash., that promotes 'traditional Judeo Christian values' ... was used to help Abramoff funnel an alleged $50,000 bribe of an aide to DeLay."

The L.A. Times article, quoted above, is a good antidote to the myth, propogated by Steno Sue Schmidt and others, that Bush's crony was "a generous patron in his Orthodox Jewish community...."

And here's an article on Jackoff that focuses on the fundamentals -- the three Rs. Namely: Representatives Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio), Don Young (R-Alaska) and Shelly Moore Capito (R-W.Va). Talk about the lack of bipartisianship in the capital.

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