Tuesday, February 21, 2006

All Access Bribe Pass

I saw Josh Marshall's link to this article concerning the Abramoff/Mahathir Mohamad connection about a hour and 15 minutes ago, and was going to comment on the Malaysian regime's ties to Ed Feulner and the Whoritage Foundation.

But Matt Yglesias and Atrios already have it covered.

The questions remain: How much of the $1.2 million made it into White House hands, and whose hands?

More Feulner fun here.

Bonus Fun:: A link to a different version of the A.P. article is up at Whoritage's purported spin-off, Clownhall.com. (And dig the Freudian reference to "two confessional trips to Malaysia.") I wonder how long it will take Clownhall to scrub that link.

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