Sunday, February 26, 2006

Checking out NewsMeat for other famous people who have made party-directed political contributions, we see the following:

Exclusively Democratic:

Sherwood Schwartz (over 125k)
Christie Brinkley
Michael Douglas
Michael Crichton
Bob Saget
Albert Brooks
Roy Horn
Ron Silver
Harold Ramis
Nancy Sinatra

Exclusively Republican:

Bob Barker
Sammy Hagar
Dean Koontz
Bobby Knight
John Elway
Alex Rodriguez
Mario Andretti
Al Michaels
Curt Gowdy
"Dr." Phil
Wink Martindale
Vince McMahon
Lou Pearlman
Merv Griffin
Jack Abramoff
7,100:1 Pro-Republican Ratio
Steve Forbes (The sole D recipient was named Forbes)

Nader Supporters:

Noam Chomsky
Danny Goldberg
Ben Stein

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