Friday, February 24, 2006

Delusions of Persecution

The voices in Peggy Noonan's head are cross...and they're going to make Peggy pay.

Yesterday, TBogg linked to Peggy Noonan's latest self-pitiful exercise in nailing herself to the cross, in which all the nasty lumpenfolk bruised Old Peg's sensitive feelings by "yelling" at her. But the abuse was all in her broken head.

Check out Peg's choices of verbs and adverbs: "curtly," "barked," "yelled at," "yelling," "yelled," "snap," "impatiently," "yelling," "yelling," "yells," "shouts," "twisted in anger." I understand that everything sounds louder and everyone seems meaner when you've got a constant hangover and you're jonesing for another cig, Peggy, but those people are just doing their jobs.

Now read the article with Peg's victimhood omitted:

A woman in an airport security uniform patrolled on the left, professionally instructing us to move to the right. A cleaning crew on the right requested, "Coming through, move please!" We stood nervously wherever we wouldn't be in the way. No one tried to help us, to calm the fears of those about to miss their flights. There was a lot of requests intended to expedite the process -- "I need your ID open and faced forward! No, you must put that in the bin!"

I know it's a bitch when janitors speak to you without leave and you've got to queue with the unwashed who so brutally ignored your last book, but you've got to face the fact that air travel can't be delivered to you like a case of Ancient Age.

So how do I know for a fact that every single working peon in two airports wasn't rude to Old Peg? The same way I know that Holy Dolphins aren't possessed to perform miracles on command.

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