Monday, February 20, 2006


Mickey Kaus goes bobbing for apples at his favorite racist bulletin board,, and surfaces with two pet hates clenched between his teeth.

The stunted blogger writes:

Harmonic convergence of right-wing isssues: Gay marriage becomes immigration loophole in UK. ... "Immigrants face less rigorous tests if they seek to gain British citizenship through a civil partnership," notes the Sunday Times--though I doubt the additional "consummation" requirement for heteros is rigorously enforced. ... Isn't the problem simply that a gay-union loophole multiplies the number of possibilities for sham marriages (and probably by more than a factor of 2, because it's less of a psychological effort for heteros to room with a same-sex pal for two years than to feign marriage with an opposite-sex pal)? ... [via Lucianne] 12:23 P.M.

Wasn't it just last week that the diminutive one was, in his latest slam of Brokeback Mountain, telling us how all straight-thinking heterosexual straights like himself were filled with innate revulsion for all things gay?

If you think the visceral straight male reaction against male homosexual sex has effectively disappeared--look at Plano, etc.--you won't spend a lot of time trying to figure out the possible deep-seated, even innate, sources of resistance to liberalization, and you'll tend to be surprised and baffled by their persistence.

Of course, Kaus blows hot and cold on his fascination for the gay. Days earlier he was chastizing the Los Angeles Times for leaving out the details of a same-sex encounter between a bisexual film director and a cop:

Why We Are Still Not Willing to Pay 50 cents for the Los Angeles Times in Los Angeles: The director of the James Bond movie "Die Another Day,"--as well as "XXX: State of the Union," "Mulholland Falls," and "Once Were Warriors"--is arrested "after allegedly dressing as a woman and offering sex to an undercover Los Angeles police officer in exchange for money." (Apparently he's selling, not buying!) The mighty local monopoly paper gives it ... two sentences buried in a news roundup on page B4. Too interesting! People might talk about it.**

P.S.: The New York Daily News, operating on an East Coast deadline, managed to generate a whole page on the busted director.

Maybe it was the cowboy part that repulsed Kaus. He can't enough of a story about blowjobs between urban male professionals.

Kaus might explain his apparent contradiction if he believes scheming foreigners don't share his clear-minded, genetic revulsion to all things gay. But Kaus himself doesn't claim that -- He imagines a universal psychologically-based preference for same-sex platonic roommates.

Perhaps Kaus's next post can address the rampant proliferation of phony same-sex pairings at companies offering benefits for gay domestic partners, such as, say, Kaus's employer, The Washington Post Company. If Kaus doesn't believe there's a tie between national origin and benefits fraud, surely he must believe that unmarried American heteros have been pairing off with same-gender friends in recent years to reap lucrative partnership benefits.

I'd give Kaus the benefit of the doubt on the immigration angle, except for the fact he frequents (or at least promotes) the bigot's bulletin board.

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