Friday, October 25, 2002

Roger Ailes Goes Interactive

Roger Ailes, the website, now has its own e-mail address. Send your hate mail to
Two warnings. (1) The spam filter is on high, so make your missive as unspam-like as possible or I'll never see it. Unlike Mickey Kaus, I don't need a larger penis. (2) By e-mailing me, you consent to my use of your e-mail in any manner I see fit. (I will not disclose anyone's e-mail address unless the message sent is abusive, and I will give credit (or withhold it, upon request) for any e-mail, suggestion, etc. I use.)

P.S. Anyone who e-mails me the edit fix for the last two entries will recieve a free lifetime membership to this site.

Update: Technical assistance received and greatly appreciated.

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