Thursday, October 24, 2002

Among Friends (Second In A Series)

Washington Times Columnist and Acclaimed Catholic Theologian Don Feder Welcomes His New Colleague: "Gay rights were initially sold as an effort to end police harassment and violence. Today, dissent will not be tolerated (witness the persecution of the Boy Scouts) and marriage, society's most fundamental institution, is under assault by those who would remake it to sanction a lifestyle. [Para.] Recently, the rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Monsignor Eugene Clark, gave a sermon relating the church's sex-abuse scandal to homosexuality in the priesthood and the nation's general moral decline. Clark called the United States 'probably the most immoral country in the Western Hemisphere.' [Para.] After the publication of Levine's book by a distinguished academic press, he'll get no argument from me."

Bonus Money Quote: "Amending the U.S. Constitution is the only way to stop judges from repealing the laws of nature."

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