Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Just How Stupid Are The Dildoheads?

Listen to the head dildo himself: " I'm going to tell you a little secret: Matt Drudge's website is the source for more newsrooms in this country, print and broadcast, than any of them will ever admit. It gets millions and millions of hits � and if you read it, you'll find that the "breaking" news the so-called real media publishes, looks as stale as the month-old publications in your dentist's office.... Now, more often than not, the giants of media who think that they, and they alone, should decide what news is fit to print, are told what's news by Drudge himself."

Now anyone idiot with a computer, even one who listens to Rush, can go to Drudge's site and see that there's not a single sentence of original content over there. Zip. If it wasn't for links to other sites, the screen would be whiter than Ann Coulter's fantasy America. All the "breaking news" that Drudge publishes has already been published in the real media. Drudge hasn't broken any news this century.

Not to mention the fact that Rush's reasoning flies completely in the face of the Bias-b.s. he peddles to the afflicted.

Even Rush's slack-jawed fans couldn't swallow this one. Either Drudge is paying Rush for the plug, or he's got some extremely nasty photos of Rush ready to download.

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