Thursday, October 24, 2002

Among Friends (First In A Series)

Washington Times Columnist and Admitted Slanderer L. Brent Bozell Welcomes His New Colleague: "The New York Times is clearly embracing this position in the culture war, using their packages of newsprint and ink multiplied by the millions to boldly state that marriage requires no gender distinctions; to reject the supremacy of the natural combination of male and female strengths in marriage; and to thumb its nose at apparently quaint notions of God's judgment and sacred scriptures as if they were yesterday's bird-cage liners. Truly moderate media watchers, even the many conservatives who instinctively shirk at [sic] a homosexuality debate, should acknowledge the obvious: by taking this radical step, even the Times should concede it's no impartial observer of the culture. The Times is promoting all the sin they think is fit to print." (Illiteracy in original.)

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