Sunday, October 27, 2002

Among Friends (Fourth In A Series)

Nepotist and Washington Times Columnist David Limbaugh Welcomes His New Colleague: "No one captures the gay-lesbian agenda more incisively than Reid Buckley, in 'U.S.A. Today: The Stunning Incoherence of American Civilization,' his brilliant and sobering book documenting (and lamenting) the decline of American culture across the board. [Para.] 'Tolerance and compassion for homosexual friends and acquaintances is one thing, and good; another thing, and bad, is obsequiousness by 'straight' society before the strident gay and lesbian lobbies,' says Mr. Buckley. 'They are belligerent, coercive and intolerant. That is, they practice the evils that they accuse the "straight" majority of practicing. In defiance of biology, reason and codes of morality dating back 5,000 years, they wish not merely to have their sexual usage deemed normal, but their every demand normative. What they seek is not so much acceptance by society as destruction of the basic social unit, which is the heterosexual family. For them, that is the enemy.'"

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