Monday, October 28, 2002

Among Friends (Fifth In A Series)

Non-Celibate, Non-Bigoted Washington Times Columnist Thomas Sowell Welcomes His New Colleague: "Even as regards the pedophile priests, the media shy away from the plain fact that these cases are primarily cases of homosexual abuse of children. Fear of the homosexual lobby always seems to immobilize our crusading journalists, despite their brave talk about 'the public's right to know' in other contexts. That same fear also immunizes the North American Man/Boy Love Association from criticism. [Para.] The blaming of celibacy in the priesthood for the sexual exploitation of children has been a red herring. Most of these pedophile priests did not go after females. They wanted boys."

Bonus Display of Tolerance: "When gay activists have come into schools to propagandize children, in the name of 'AIDS education' or 'diversity,' and left cards with addresses of local homosexual hangouts, supposedly 'responsible' officials have been more concerned with keeping these facts from the children's parents than with protecting the children themselves."

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