Sunday, October 27, 2002

Melissa Votes Democratic Those citing Melissa Etheridge's singing the National Anthem at the World Series as a sign of progress are little slow on the uptake. Two years ago, Ms. Etheridge sang a patriotic medley to open another nationally televised event, The Democratic National Convention. Earlier that same year, Texas Republicans turned their back on Representative Jim Kolbe when he spoke on trade issues at the Republican National Convention, while other, more compassionate, Republicans offered to help Kolbe find a "way out" of his homosexuality. No wonder Ms. Etheridge raised money for Bill Clinton and Al Gore, and not their Republican counterparts.

But what's the Moonie take on Melissa? Well, Washington Times columnist Brent Bozell had this to say about Etheridge's family: "This is America's dream factory, a place where lesbian motherhood becomes mainstream, and conventional morality is relegated to the fringe. Hollywood vs. America, indeed." Redbeard also called Etheridge's family "Hillary's Village gone mad."

The question to be asked is therefore a simple one: Are you in favor of bigotry or against it? If you're against it, how can you not criticize and, indeed, ostracize a bigot like Bozell?

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