Monday, March 29, 2010

Six Degrees of Misappropriation

According to Kathryn Jean Lopez, there are degrees of misappropriation, the most inappropriate kind being misappropriation to watch strippers.

RNC’s Steele [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

The Feed notes a story today about a shocking possible misappropriation of funds by the chairman of the RNC — including misappropriation of the most inappropriate kind.

I asked an RNC spokesman about the story — specifically the charge that money was spent at Voyeur West Hollywood.

Misappropriation to buy copies of Sarah Palin's book or indulgences from the Pope or Ring-Dings would be inappropriate, but not as inappropriate as blowing the money on lapdances. K-Lo should just be grateful that Steele didn't use RNC funds to pay for his abortions.


Bonus K-Lo Komedy: "I'd argue the Church understands the beauty and power of the feminine more than most, these days." You've confused feminine and prepubescent again, Kathryn. And: "There are decades' worth of [pedophile priest] stories that can and will be drudged up, and they should be." I didn't know Matt was a Catholic.

Naturally, K-Lo's biggest concern about misuse of power in the Church is nuns supporting ObamaCare. How many divisions do those nuns have?

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